Prior to the 1970s the ambulance service across the United States was largely unregulated. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study “Accidental Death and Disability: Neglected Disease of Modern Society” proved to raise awareness on medical care in the pre-hospital setting. The formation of the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) in 1970 provided nationwide solidarity with respect to protocols.

On September 28th, 1971 a few dedicated individuals from Ashaway formed the first ambulance service which was housed in a stone building owned by the Crandall Family on High Street near the Ashaway Line and Twine Manufacturing Company. The Ambulance Association soon outgrew this small building and thanks to the generosity of the Cottrell family donating land, the Ashaway Ambulance Association soon built a  larger building at 72 High Street.

Although the first founders have passed on, the dedication and loyalty of its members is evident. The volunteers combined their wisdom, skill, and talents, sacrificing many hours away from their families and friends to train for skills to save a life.The Associations first ambulance was a 1966 reconditioned wagon-hearse. The Ambulance was purchased at a cost of $3,400 from the Hope Valley Ambulance Squad.